Camera M

Check Out This Mirrorless Camera Built From an Old Game Boy Camera

Nintendo’s Game Boy Camera has inspired several DIY projects, from a telescopic lens converter to a colorizing AI model. Few can equal Christopher Graves’ creative Camera M.

Graves described the process of converting the lowly Game Boy Camera into a mirrorless camera in a thread that was posted to Twitter and discovered by Gizmodo. He was able to transplant the internals of a Game Boy into a shell that looks like a Fujifilm X-E4 by using a combination of custom PCB and parts from a repurposed Game Boy Pocket, which was a variant of the original Game Boy model that was released in 1996 and was smaller, lighter, and more power efficient than the 1989 model.

Graves installed the 128 x 128 pixel CMOS sensor from the Game Boy Camera onto a bespoke cart that also included a CS lens mount and a manual focus varifocal lens. He did this so that the camera could be used with the Game Boy Camera. It is possible to utilize an original Game Boy Camera in place of the custom cartridge that he hacked together in order to play Camera M, which is one of the coolest features of Camera M.

In either scenario, the final gadget is still capable of taking images with a resolution of 128 by 112 pixels and grayscale, but the ergonomics and user experience have been much enhanced. Graves upgraded the original screen on the Pocket to an IPS display with backlighting, which made it simpler to use the camera in low light, and he added a battery with a capacity of 1,800 mAh, which allows the device to remain operational for up to eight hours. It even has a charging USB-C port built in.

Graves told Gizmodo that he hasn’t tried playing any games with his device yet, but he thought that turn-based role-playing games like Pokémon would be entertaining to play with the button layout he devised. Graves has stated that although there is now only one Camera M in existence, he is “seriously leaning” toward selling conversion kits or possibly entire kits.

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