The Company Man

Malaysian-Made Platform Game ‘The Company Man’ Is Set to Be Released in 2022

It is inevitable that any game developed in Southeast Asia, no matter how imaginative it is, will find a way to establish a foothold in the wider gaming community throughout the world.

For example, in The Company Man, an action platformer in which players must work their way up from intern to CEO of a major corporation.

Players accomplish this by clearing different floors throughout the organization. On each floor, players must defeat the managers and their lackeys who work in typical office departments such as accounting and human resources, and they must do so quickly.

A trusty keyboard and the ability to send devastating emails are at the disposal of players, who must guide Jim on his quest to demolish the corporate ladder while making sure he gets enough coffee breaks in the process.

After its release in May 2021, the game received overwhelmingly positive reviews, with many players praising the game’s flawless use of 2D animation, amusing theming, and overall challenging gameplay experience.

In addition, developer Forust Studio has been steadily improving the game with a handful of updates, with the most recent version 1.03 update adding a slew of new localization options as well as a significant overhaul to the game’s currency system.

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For those who enjoy collecting physical media, publisher Leoful has announced that The Company Man will be released on the Nintendo Switch in physical form later this year. This will be the game’s first appearance on a Nintendo console, and it will also be made available through the Nintendo eShop.

The Company Man will be released on the Nintendo Switch in the first quarter of 2022. While waiting, PC gamers can take advantage of a 15 percent discount on the game through Steam, which will be valid until January 6, 2022.