Reginald the Vampire

Jacob Batalon Discusses His Upcoming Role as a Vampire

Vampires have often been depicted as attractive, stylish, commanding, and full of themselves, from Dracula’s cloak to the picture-perfect teens of Twilight. Reginald, the Vampire, intends to change all of that.

This new Syfy series, based on Johnny B. Truant’s novels about Fat Vampires, will shine a light on the nocturnal creatures that feed on high-calorie proteins in liquid form. Known for his role as Peter Parker’s best friend Ned Leeds on Spider-Man: Homecoming, actor Jacob Batalon now plays a freshly turned vampire named Reginald Baskin in the series.

There’s nothing going on in the minds of vampires, which is why they’re so beautiful. Reginald is a smart and well-informed individual. These vampires are definitely not on his cerebral level,” he says. “He plays around with them.” As a result, the newly-sired immortal is unable to compete on a physical level. Even when working as a human, Reginald was a target of abuse and ridicule.

Created by Twin Peaks and Channel Zero creator Harley Peyton, Reginald the Vampire is a dark comedy infused with off-kilter, self-deprecating horror. His writing style is “unique,” according to Batalon. We’re trying to avoid anything that could be interpreted as a direct rip-off of Twin Peaks. Influences from the series can still be seen on the series’ coattails. Fans of vampire-themed films and television shows will recognize the allusions without a second thought.

The special effects are low-budget, but deceptively spectacular. “We had to make stunts seem insane and action-packed, but we didn’t really have the resources,” Batalon explains. Everyone was surprised that we didn’t use any wires at all. A lot of gore was used in the film’s production. ” There were a lot of nights when my clothes were stained with blood, and I couldn’t stand it.’ When I think about that, I’m sick to my stomach.”

Executive producing and having a significant voice in the show, the actor has a lot of influence. But he insists it’s not based on his own experiences: “They relied on me for storyline, character decisions, and actions.” “It’s difficult since Reginald is extremely intelligent while I am extremely illiterate. He’s a complete nutcase, and I’m completely unconcerned. Pay me to recite someone else’s thoughts.”

Even in the face of a difficult and murderous environment, Reginald can rise to the top. Batalon’s improbable hero role gives him leading man material, and he has a plan to take advantage of this opportunity. Everything I’m doing right now is in an attempt to get my own Star Wars trilogy, he claims. “I’m putting in the effort.  A lightsaber is something I’ve always wanted. “I’d like to have Force powers.”

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