If you’re feeling down about the state of the world as we head into 2022 and need a pick-me-up, here’s an idea: take a bunch of photos of cute dogs.

Consider a place where there are no people, only dogs. There are no dangers or sadness; only dogs are in the picture. That place, my friends, is known as Heaven, and it can be found in Pupperazzi. This game has been in development since at least 2019, and it is finally being released.

Muttropolis is a land where only dogs and you live. You are free to walk around and pet as many dogs as you want, as well as watch them and take photographs. It’s almost the ideal game in some ways.

Every breed and color of dog can be found participating in a wide range of activities, and they can be seen doing so in almost every setting. Some people are floating around in the water on floaties, while others are riding bicycles. Dogs can be found on a swing set, in a park, dining on a patio, and pretty much anywhere else you look. On the other hand, there are instances in which you can throw the ball and engage in fetch with one or more dogs. They’re clinging to those things like zombies clinging to pipe bombs

It’s a little difficult to tell where the game is going or how to move forward at times. After all, what else is there to life for a dog if not a never-ending cycle of play, sleep, and barking at strangers who come through the front door?

Pupperazzi is a video game developed by Sundae Month and published by Kitfox Games. Boyfriend Dungeon is another game developed and published by Kitfox Games.

Pupperazzi will be released on January 20th for the PC and Xbox One platforms. 

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