BABYMETAL have made a mysterious announcement on their Facebook page regarding the band’s future. A statement in the post by the group claims that they will “disappear from our sight,” which could be a hint at the group’s next phase.

“REVELATION FROM THE FOX GOD,” the message reads. Sunday, October 10th, in the year 2021… With the conclusion of all ten episodes of METAL RESISTANCE, the 10-year legend will be forever sealed from the eyes of the world. BABYMETAL will remain hidden from our view until that seal is breached by an outside force. The clock is ticking down. In God’s descent, there is no such thing as an eternity.”

It was announced just a few days after BABYMETAL celebrated its ten-year milestone. The band released a comic book as well as a greatest hits album. Additionally, they performed a number of anniversary shows at Tokyo’s Nippon Budokan arena to commemorate their time together as a group.

METAL GALAXY, the most recent BABYMETAL studio album, was released in 2019. The band made history with the release, becoming the first Asian artists to reach the top of Billboard’s Top Rock Albums chart with a single album. Prior to that, their previous album, METAL RESISTANCE, peaked at No. 6 on the Billboard 200.

METAL GALAXY was accompanied by two live albums, LEGEND – METAL GALAXY [DAY 1] and LEGEND – METAL GALAXY [DAY 2], which were released in conjunction with the album. As a whole, the albums contain live recordings of more than two dozen different songs.

Several music videos for the album have been produced by the band, including a video for the song “BxMxC” in October 2020 and another for the song “DA DA DANCE” in December 2019, as well as videos for the songs “Elevator Girl,” “PA PA YA!!,” and “Distortion.” The band has also released a music video for the song “Elevator Girl,” “PA PA YA!!,” and “Distortion.”

In addition to working on their own projects, BABYMETAL will be collaborating with Bring Me The Horizon for “Kingslayer” in November 2020. According to an interview Oli Sykes conducted with NME in October 2020, the collaboration had been long anticipated.

“We’d been wanting to do something with them for a long time,” he explains. The fact that we don’t speak the same language doesn’t prevent us from feeling a strong connection with them. Despite the fact that we don’t hang out or have conversations, when we do, it makes us extremely happy.”

“It was a pleasure to collaborate with them,” he says. “They’re extremely well-organized and professional. ‘I really want you guys to sing the verse in Japanese,’ I told them. So I explained the concept of the song and the idea behind it, and they responded with a table containing the lyrics for options A, B, C, and D.”

You can see the behind-the-scenes video in the section below.

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