What is it about these ridiculous fidget spinners that has become such a craze? Rather than a spinner, opt for a TinyArcade, which places a miniature playable arcade game in the palm of your hand, keeping your fingers occupied and yourself entertained.

It’s all in the name: this arcade is so small that it fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. The Tiny Arcade by TinyCircuits puts the “fun” back into “functional,” providing you with a miniature that not only looks like a life-sized machine, but also performs like one, as demonstrated in the video above. On this fully functional mini arcade, you can play your favorite classic video games wherever and whenever you want. Whether you want to relive your childhood memories or create new ones, the Tiny Arcade is easy to construct and even easier to use than most video games.

Furthermore, watching videos or movies on your Tiny Arcade is simple; all you need to do is use our TSVconverter, which is a free tool that converts any MP4 file to play on your Tiny Arcade. Simply copy the files to a microSD card and you’ll have hours of entertainment on your hands!

Based on the arcade consoles we are familiar with, these lilliputian arcades are literally the size of your finger, and they will demonstrate just how far we have come in the past 30 years! The arcade is equipped with a joystick and two buttons, and it runs games from a MicroSD card that fits perfectly inside the arcade. The only other controls you’ll ever need are the power and volume knobs, which are located on the side and top of the device. There are a slew of classic 8-bit games included with the TinyArcade, including Tetris, Flappy Birds, Street Racer, and Space Invader, to name a few, that should provide you with hours of entertainment! Put down that fidget spinner, for the love of all that is good in the world.