Pinoy RPG ‘Hatchwell’ Is All Set to Make Its Steam Debut at the Upcoming Next Fest

The Legend of Zelda’s influence is undeniable To this day, Breath of the Wild inspires indie game developers to create their own adventures.

There is no doubt that the series has inspired many Southeast Asian developers as well, with one individual developer taking it upon themselves to re-invigorate and recapture the magic of The Legend of Zelda.

Hatchwell, a top-down RPG developed by Adee, a Filipino solo developer, is an homage to the 2D Zelda games from the NES, Game Boy, and Super Nintendo.

The action of the game takes place on the day of the Hatchwell Festival, during which the player will be asked to assist in the investigation of a series of strange occurrences that have occurred around their hometown.

Using their trusty canine companion as a guide, the player will explore the world around them and uncover a strange conspiracy that grows more sinister as the festival draws closer.

Players will lend a helping hand to those in need while also exploring seven different dungeons that are filled with enemies, puzzles, and boss battles.

The pixel-based visuals of Hatchwell are reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening on the Game Boy, which is appropriate given that Hatchwell also contains a beach for the player to explore and even mine carts within a dungeon for the player to use.

Despite being a one-man operation, Adee has been hard at work on Hatchwell, with the game’s creator providing regular updates via their Twitter account.

Those interested in experiencing Hatchwell can do so through the Steam Next Fest demo. It is anticipated that the full release of Hatchwell will take place later this year.

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