Games X Music: John Odin

As a result, they have a large number of supporters of their own. However, have you ever considered how much influence they may have when these two major industries band together? Let’s ask Producer-DJ / Livestreamer John Odin with this week’s GAMES X MUSIC UNDERSCORE.

John Odin's Gaming X Music studio.

1.The worlds of music and gaming are completely distinct from each other. How did you become interested in gaming as an artist?

I spend most of my time in front of the computer so it is pretty natural for me to end up having to dive into video games if not diving intro music. And cmon, me? video games? I started pretty young.

2.What was your first console and which classic game(s) are your all-time favorites?

I started playing on a Family Computer that wasn’t mine unfortunately. The Sega Genesis would serve as my FIRST ever console (owned).  As for classic, I don’t know what defines classic but here we go. Streets of Rage, Ninja Gaiden, Super Mario World, Final Fantasy 5,6,7

3.Name a game you didn’t expect to enjoy but ended up really enjoying instead.

Suikoden II. Most definitely. 

4.How do you come up with the game you’re about to livestream? Is there a strategy behind it?

A schedule is a must. You need to have this well not to just organize your stream but for your viewers as well. They need to be aware of which games you plan to stream on a given day so they know what to expect and when to stay on for extended periods of time just to watch you play.

5.Do you have any other interests or hobbies that are unrelated to music and gaming?

Biking. How random.

May be an image of bicycle and outdoors

6.How do you strike a balance between music, streaming, and gaming while also fulfilling your other responsibilities, such as family obligations?

To be honest it’s very very difficult. I love both evenly and sometimes one dips into the other and that isn’t good, not for me at least.  Family will understand, they always have. They are saved a day hahahaha. As for these 2, music and gaming, I really make it a point never to merge both. The stress is hard enough as it is, and different, what more putting these 2 together.

7.Do you think that gaming has an impact on your musicality?

NEVER. I don’t let them mix. My persona is so different on both, I never let them meet. EVER.

8.What are you currently working on in the midst of the pandemic situation?

Well, a bunch of back logs on video games, trying to check as well on the latest hardware (PC, Djing), upgrades and of course, just maybe a new EP? 😃

9.What do you have planned for the upcoming months?

After dropping the the 2 back to back EPs, and enjoying the success of those releases, I figured I’d put on my gamer hat a bit, sit back, and be a kid even just for a few weeks 😃


Hey, I'm a music producer, DJ, and event curator for BASS N' BACON, and run a record label. I can speak English, Tagalog, and Bisaya, and I enjoy writing about music and culture. Whether it's through my music or writing, I bring a unique perspective and lots of experience to every project I do. Thanks for checking out my work!

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