If you remember your childhood, you’ll enjoy this novelty telephone.

If you ever wished as a child that your fake Fisher-Price telephone would actually work, then get out your credit card because you can now make that wish a reality with a little help from Amazon. On the occasion of its 60th anniversary, the toy company has released a limited-edition version of the iconic Chatter telephone — one that is fully functional and can make and receive calls. You should be aware that it does not function as a landline unit before you start thinking about where you will put it on display in your home. Instead, it communicates with your iOS or Android phone through Bluetooth, and it must be within 15 feet of your mobile device in order to function.


On a single charge, the Chatter phone provides nine hours of talk time, and it is equipped with a speakerphone button for hands-free calls. Aside from the features that distinguish it as a functional device, this Chatter for grown-ups looks exactly like its toy counterpart, complete with a rotary dial, red handset, and wheels. However, while the device is limited to making and receiving phone calls — and we doubt you’d carry it around with you just for that purpose — it is a fun novelty item that can evoke fond memories of bygone eras. For $60, you can purchase the fully functional Chatter exclusively from Best Buy’s website, starting today and continuing until supplies last.