While the first-person perspective is usually reserved for shooting games, it has been used in puzzle and RPG games as well.

Escape From Naraka, an Indonesian action platformer, has been hailed as one of the most unique first-person experiences to come out of the region, with the game initially releasing on Steam earlier this year.

In essence, developers Xelo Games have taken the frantic, nightmarish action from modern-day Doom and added an emphasis on speedrunning to create a very strong debut title for themselves.

Escape From Naraka is a first-person adventure game based on Balinese myths and legends in which you must escape a hellish realm based on those myths and legends. In order to survive the levels of the game, players must be as creative as possible in their approach to the landscape.

The Escape From Naraka community has been treated to a 10-page webcomic that details the events leading up to the game’s release, as well as a limited-time giveaway that put their fans’ abilities to the test.

To celebrate Halloween, Xelo Games will be adding some festive decorations to the game, which will be available just in time for the holiday. To be more specific, the in-game enemies will be wearing appropriate Jack O’lantern masks to further enhance the spooky atmosphere.

Escape From Naraka, on the other hand, will be available for purchase from October 28 to November 1, with a 25 percent discount available to first-time buyers.

Visit the Steam store to play Escape From Naraka for yourself.