It has been confirmed by Niantic that Ed Sheeran will perform within the Pokemon Go application. The performance, which will be available on November 22, 2021 at 11 a.m. PST, will include several songs from Ed Sheeran’s new album, =.

“As soon as he begins a Pokemon role-playing game, Ed always chooses the water-type Pokemon as his first companion. To commemorate this cooperation, Niantic is planning an event that will feature all of the water-type first-partner Pokemon that are presently available in Pokemon Go,” the company explains. So you can go to McDonald’s and have your Saweetie meal while also listening to Ed Sheeran’s music in Pokemon Go.

The dates for Sheeran’s appearances are November 22nd and November 30th, respectively. The following songs will be performed:

“Bad Habits”
“Overpass Graffiti”
“Thinking Out Loud”
“First Times”

During the period of November 22 to November 30, according to Niantic, the song “Overpass Graffiti” will be played as overworld music in Pokemon Go. Consequently, even if you do not tune in to hear Ed’s performances, you will hear this one playing in the background at nighttime.

To encourage people to participate in the event, Niantic is giving away free in-game goods featuring Ed Sheeran to those who play the game. A secret code must be entered in order to redeem an Ed Sheeran sweater. PokeStops, unwrapping gifts, and purchasing gift packs from the store are all ways to obtain water-themed stickers.

Watching the partnerships between pop singers and the world of video games is fascinating to watch. Despite the fact that Pokemon is a massive property, Pokemon Go is a bit of an anomaly among the hardcore population. Many casual gamers, on the other hand, continue to love capturing virtual monsters in the real world.

Ed Sheeran claims that he was forced to hurry and complete his work quickly since Adele had reserved all of the vinyl manufacturing facilities. It wasn’t done and handed in this week, as some people had expected it to be. The piece was submitted to Sheeran in July because he needed to have it produced on vinyl, he explains.

“There are only like three vinyl factories in the entire globe, so you have to get started extremely early.” And Adele had essentially booked out all of the vinyl factories, so we had to acquire a slot and get our album into the factory as soon as possible.” Coldplay, Taylor Swift, ABBA, and Elton John, according to Sheeran, were all attempting to get their vinyl albums made at the same time as him.

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