Digimon Survive’s New Gameplay Teaser Is Out

Yes, the release date of Digimon Survive, which “blends visual novel storytelling with tactical warfare aspects,” is set for July 29. Finally! – this quick teaser should whet the appetites of joyful fans who have been patiently waiting for this game since 2018.

The video demonstrates how the story will change based on the decisions that we make during the game’s dialogue. Alternatively, Bandai Namco describes the game’s gameplay system as follows: “From the power of choice to the power of Digivolution, take a peek at Digimon Survive’s gameplay system!”

Digimon Survive is a tactical turn-based Japanese role-playing game that has over one hundred Digimon that may be trained. The game has taken the more mature style of the newer Digimon movies rather than the original, more childlike anime. Given that the intended viewers are now adults who were raised on the franchise, the film reportedly has a “slightly darker plot,” as the producer Kazumasa Habu put it.

There are 12 chapters “in the scenario,” and after chapter eight, the story splits into three paths: Morality, Harmony, and Rage. After that, a secret path will be unlocked. We have been informed that the total amount of play time required to accomplish all of the routes would be between 80 and 100 hours.

“Changing teams has led to a lot of rework on the game, leading to delays. This has caused a lot of uncertainty that prevented us from giving regular updates. However, thanks to the efforts of the new development team, we are now able to be back on track, getting closer and closer to the completion of the game.”

Kazumasa Habu

In 2018, it was reported that Digimon Survive would be available for the PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC platforms, and its release was initially scheduled for 2019. However, the game was delayed for an additional year, and then it was brought back. After the initial release release date of 2019 was pushed back to 2020 and Bandai Namco was required to deny rumors that the game had been delayed indefinitely, the producer of Digimon Survive asked fans of the anime-inspired RPG to be patient just a little while longer in February.  The official release date for Digimon Survive was announced in April, and it is set for July 29, 2022.

Watch the “visual novel storytelling” and gameplay systems in action:


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