Did You Know Most People Hold Controllers the Wrong Way?

There is no one “proper” way to hold a controller, there I said it. There are many different ways. There are those who prefer to hold it with one hand, while there are others who prefer to hold it with both hands. There are also a variety of ways to hold the controller, depending on the activity that you are participating in. For instance, when playing video games, some people have a more firm grip on the controller to achieve a higher level of control, while others have a more relaxed hold on the controller to achieve a higher level of comfort. However, a recent poll just sparked a debate on which finger should be used to press the R2 button on a PlayStation controller, and people are acting like it’s the end of the world.

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A survey on ResetEra ignited a heated debate among players about how they handle their controllers, and the conversation continued for quite some time. The query was, which finger, the index or the middle, should be on the trigger? PlayStation users will recognize this as the R2 button. The findings show that the index finger scored 483, while the middle finger received only 54.

89.9% of you grip a controller in the most inefficient manner conceivable, utilizing only your index finger for the trigger and bumper. Why? You could simultaneously operate both buttons without moving a finger and use both your middle and index fingers like a decent person.

Many of the participants in this thread have admitted that even though they normally utilize the index-only method, there are certain fast-paced games that force them to also tag in their middle finger. They are basically admitting that that is the ideal way to do things, but that they are just too lazy to do it all the time.

The original poster (OP) asked the question in an effort to demonstrate that they are correct, as they were perplexed by the fact that their friend only used their index finger. They are obviously correct, but the majority of people do not agree with them. They pleaded, “What the fuck y’all stop i am being gaslit,” but their request was ignored.

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The Claw

What was not taken into consideration in the poll was the claw grip, which can be seen above. Because it gives you the ability to evade and attack with a little amount of delay, this grip is one of the most popular choices when playing Elden Ring like games. It is especially helpful when you’re locked on to a single enemy while you’re facing a boss because it frees up your thumb, allowing you to light and heavy attack, roll, and utilize items with a greater degree of ease.

Ultimately, this is the proper way of holding it.


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