Cosplay Festival 2022: A Celebration of the Otaku Culture in PH

A one-of-a-kind island nation with a wide array of fascinating cultures, Japan’s Otaku culture, which is considered to be one of Japan’s more modern forms of culture, has been gaining more and more attention in recent years all over the world. Manga, anime, video games, girl idols, and other things like that are included in what we refer to as Otaku culture.

The number of people who identify as otaku yet reside outside of Japan but are nonetheless interested in Japanese popular culture is increasing exponentially, specially in the Philippines. Without a doubt, the folks who work at Otasuke; there is nothing that can stop them from inviting each and everyone who takes pleasure in the culture on July 30 in the Philippines for a 2 day festivities!

The event is organized to honor the monthly holiday and to express appreciation for the distinctive cultural contributions made by the local subgroups of Japanese and Japanese otaku culture. Join us in commemorating this historic mini event with your close friends and/or that someone precious in your life.

Otasuke and OtaCutE have prepared a large number of events for those who will be attending the Cosplay Festival. Some of these activities include mini games, auctions, karaoke competitions, performances, cosplay competitions, rave party in partnership with Exosia Project and many more to be announced.

The following are the event’s attributes:

DAY 1 – LA Village (July 30, Saturday)

  • Mini Games
  • Karaoke Competition
  • Sponsors and Exhibitors

Premium show and performance of Polar

  • Hero VS Villain
  • Cosplay Costume Rentals


Otacute X Exosia Project: Japanight (Heneral Timmeh, DJ Bori, DJ Zeroblade & NicDroid)

  • And many more!

DAY 2 – LA Village (July 31, Sunday)

  • Mini Games

Meet and Greet with Myrtle Sarrosa

  • Sponsors and Exhibitors
  • Auctions
  • Open Karaoke
  • Cosplay Costume Rentals


  • Taiko Performance
  • Wotagei Performance by HIBANA
  • Cosplay Karate Performance by Junna Tsukii from PH National Team
  • Kimono Fashion Show
  • Cosplay Competition Sexy Characters
  • Cosplay Dance Performance
  • Guest Interview and Meet & Greet with SPECIAL GUEST
  • Cosplay Runway
  • And many more!

Anyone can attend the convention as long as they have a ticket, which they can get by making an online payment or by paying directly onsite. Going to the convention is fun whether you are a cosplayer or just someone who wants to check out the festival.

Buy your online tickets here
Or contact Terrence for faster transaction:
09300083626 | 09554871837

How to get at the event:
YOU.suites (LA Village + Wallstreet)
2119 Recto Ave
Sampaloc, Manila

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