An item pack that combines elements of Attack on Titan and Call of Duty will transform you into a member of the infamous Survey Corps in both Warzone and Vanguard.

A number of new skins for various weapons, as well as other extras, are included in the Tracer Pack: Attack on Titan: Levi Edition Bundle. A new skin for Daniel Yatsu’s operator, with Levi Ackerman’s split hairdo, beige Survey Corps jacket, and white jabot collar, is one of the most notable additions.

Here is a list of what else is included:

  • A new finishing move, MVP highlight, and highlight intro based on the Survey Corps high-flying aerial slash maneuvers they use against titans.
  • An emblem emblazoned with the Survey Corps wings.
  • Three weapon blueprints: The “Historia,” designed for close-range from-the-hip fire, and the “Ymir Curse,” a mid-to-long range weapon with near-zero vertical recoil. The third weapon blueprint is for a pair of dual-wield knives that look exactly like the titan piercer blades used by Survey Corps members.
  • A weapon charm designed to look like the infamous key to Eren Yeager’s basement.
  • “One hot potato” sticker, a reference to the ravenously hungry character Sasha.

The new pack will be available on January 20th. Only a few days ago, Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part Two premiered, marking the beginning of the conclusion to the long-running anime series’ final season.

VGD S01 AOT 002

An operator named Isabella (whose “Wild Rose” pack includes two new weapon blueprints) and a new SMG that’s described as a cross between the Sten and the Owen Gun are also included in the new Call of Duty update, which will be available later today when it goes live on Xbox Live.

In addition, “The Void,” a new section of the “Shi No Numa” map that teleports you through a portal to some sort of alternate dimension, serves as an introduction to the Vanguard Zombies season two story. While in the Void, you’ll participate in classic survival rounds and earn rewards for surviving three rounds in a row in each round. After three rounds, players will have the option of fleeing or surviving at their discretion. Survivors who make it through three rounds will earn 5,000 Essence Points (plus a Sacrificial Heart if they are able to return to Stalingrad), and those who make it through a total of 12 rounds will be awarded with a bonus perk that prevents their Perks from slipping below Tier 2 if they are knocked out for the rest of the match. The developers at Treyarch have also hinted that players who manage to survive for even longer periods of time may learn more about future story beats.

When it comes to Call of Duty: Warzone, the game is currently experiencing a new slew of issues with invisibility player skins, all while Raven Software’s quality assurance team and other Activision Blizzard employees continue their strike into their fourth week.