Cambodian Warrior Star in Futuristic Volleyball Game ‘Hyper Gunsport’

Game designers can take classic sports and add a mind-bending twist that can’t be recreated in real life. This can be seen in things like Rocket League’s version of football with cars and Windjammers’ futuristic frisbee.

Hyper Gunsport, a beefed-up successor to the Gunsport developed by Necrosoft Games, is cut from the same cloth as the last. This new game, like the original, combines all of the action, precision, and dramatic beats of a run-and-gun shooter with the delights of volleyball to create a thrilling new experience.

When humans have grown tired of fighting, they ban all weapons from the world, and Hyper Gunsport is set in this world of theirs. With the help of The World’s Game: Gunsport, international disputes can now be resolved. Guns are currently only used for one purpose: to shoot a ball into the goal of a soccer match.

However, despite the fact that the game is extremely action-packed and filled with weaponry, Necrosoft Games has declared that the game is also strongly anti-violent. The development team believes that it is a niche that has been addressed by a fairly small number of games, and they hope that fans will find the universe of Hyper Gunsport to be engaging.

Each round of Hyper Gunsport is played out on a court with two teams of two players, with each player taking on the role of either the Keeper or the Striker. All of these teammates must work together in order to keep the ball off their court and out of the opposing team’s net.

Keepers, who are positioned in the back, do not move but can fire more frequently in order to counter the aggression of the other team. Strikers, on the other hand, have the ability to move and jump in the front, but they are not able to shoot as frequently.

Hyper Gunsport, which plays like a vintage arcade game, includes a singleplayer and co-op story mode, as well as a 2v2 multiplayer versus mode. After completing an eight-round tournament, the player will be able to access the story mode, which has exclusive sequences.

Additionally, there are seven teams to pick from, each with their own set of weaponry, as well as seven stages, each with their own set of gimmicks. Aside from that, there are several accessibility settings available for the game, which comes in useful for those looking for a more personalized experience.

While there are other viable teams to choose from, one that sticks out is Blue Cambodia, who dress in traditional Cambodian attire and rely primarily on their athletic abilities, as opposed to the more cybernetic teams on the roster. They also have their own stage, which is modeled on Angkor Wat’s architecture.

Currently available for pre-order on Steam, Hyper Gunsport is scheduled for release later in 2022 for the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation4, and PlayStation 5.

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