Beef: The Critically Acclaimed 2023 Netflix Show That Nails Asian Representation and Complex Storytelling

Netflix’s latest original series, Beef, starring Walking Dead actor Steven Yeun and comedian Ali Wong, has been making waves with viewers and critics alike. The dark comedy, produced by A24, explores the complexities of the Asian-American experience through the lens of two talented comedians.

Beef tells the story of two strangers who get into a road-rage accident and the unexpected consequences that follow. The series has received high praise for its writing, performances, and representation of the Asian-American community. The show’s humor is sharp and irreverent, while also exploring issues like identity, family, and relationships with sensitivity and nuance.

At the time of writing, It has achieved a near-perfect score of 99 percent on Rotten Tomatoes’ critic-supported Tomatometer and a 94 percent score based on audience reviews. Critics have described the show as a shoo-in for this year’s Emmy Awards, with many praising Yeun and Wong’s performances and the show’s ability to channel the spectrum of fury while maintaining its focal clarity.

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Beef’s representation of the Asian-American community has also received high praise. The show offers a much-needed platform for Asian voices to be heard, challenging the stereotypes that have long plagued Asian representation in media. The chemistry between Yeun and Wong is undeniable, and their performances are nothing short of brilliant.

British GQ‘s Jack King has described Beef as Netflix‘s best new show since Squid Game, and Melanie McFarland of Salon suggests that one day in the future, academics may view Beef as a convincing TV distillation of the early 21st century’s collective mood, a lingering and worsening state of society-wide pandemic anger.

Overall, Beef is a must-watch for anyone who wants to see Asian representation done right and appreciates darkly comedic and deeply moving storytelling. With its near-perfect score on, it’s clear that audiences and critics alike are in agreement: Beef is a show that shouldn’t be missed.


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