Bass N' What?

BASS N’ BACON is an event series organized by Midnight Rebels that aims to elevate the local nightlife experience by creating a brand new party culture that fuses food and music together.
At BASS N’ BACON, we provide an opportunity for new artists to perform alongside some of the biggest names in today’s electronic music scene. From representing a collective to surprise sets, there are no limits to expressing your craft at the event.
More than a party, BASS N’ BACON is a family. From bringing together 800 partygoers in a 100-person max venue to growing an online fanbase of 4,254 followers, we owe our success to everyone involved in making the party possible.
BASS N’ BACON has had the opportunity to work with brands from various industries, such as liquor, food, fashion, and tech. We believe in building a relationship with our partners by providing them with a unique way to market their products and services.

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Our 2022 Mission

It’s been a long road to recovery since the start of the pandemic. While a reset in the nightlife landscape has been inevitable, we are cautiously optimistic about re-integrating into the scene. It is at this crucial time we ask for community support in the revival of BASS N’ BACON. Below are three brackets that each come with special party favors, along with access to all BNB events for the rest of 2022 (South + North). Upcoming event details will be revealed shortly after this community drive. BE OUR BACKER. BE PART OF THE HISTORY. Together we foster the next generation of nocturnal animals. See you soon on the dancefloor.