Earlier this year, Apple Arcade teased us with the possibility of Apple returning to the gaming world.

Currently, a new and fresh rumor suggests that Apple may be developing a new handheld gaming console. The new console will be introduced to compete in the market segment currently dominated by the Nintendo Switch, which will soon see more alternatives as to the Steam Deck.

Anyone familiar with Apple’s history will recall that the company launched a gaming console dubbed Apple Bandai Pippin. It was developed as a derivative of the Apple Macintosh platform between 1996 and 1997. The company’s goal was to develop a low-cost computer system that could be used primarily for playing CD-based multimedia software, particularly games, but could also serve as a thin client in some situations.

2012 11 18 pippin

This particular operating system was a modified version of System 7.5.2, and it was running on a PowerPC 603 processor with a 14.4 kb/s modem at 66 MHz. The device came equipped with a CD-ROM drive that operated at 4x speed as well as a video output for use with a standard television display. Now that we’re in the year 2021, it’s clear that the console was a failure on every level. Bandai produced approximately 100,000 units, but only 40,000 were sold before the game was discontinued. Cupertino, California, appears to be ready for another go at it several years later.

This time around, Apple will aim for the mass market in order to dethrone the Nintendo Switch, which is currently the market leader. According to a report, the Apple console will be a hybrid device that will combine features from the Nintendo Switch and Sony’s PlayStation 5. If this comparison is referring to the portability of the Switch but the power of the PS5, then we should be very excited about this. After all, the portability of the Nintendo Switch is its primary selling point, but the console falls behind the competition in terms of hardware. One of the reasons why the Steam Deck is so appealing is because of its simplicity. Valve’s handheld console is capable of running AAA games without a hitch. According to the latest rumor, Apple’s rumored console will be compatible with the company’s also-rumored AR/VR headset.

Furthermore, according to the report, Apple has begun development on a number of titles and has enlisted the help of major studios to do so. Company has developed alternatives to Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey, and they are ready to be released as soon as possible. When the company announced its Apple Arcade subscription-based service, which provides access to both paid and exclusive iOS / iPad games, we began to notice the company’s renewed focus on the gaming sector. Games have become one of the most profitable products in recent years, especially since the pandemic arose last year. According to rumors, the COVID-19 outbreak derailed Apple’s plans, but there is a chance that the console will see the light of day in the near future.