Do you love gaming? What about music? I’m sure you do! Since the beginning of time, both music and games have created a lot of audience and community respectively. Music and games, independently, have been one of the most powerful industries globally. This is why they have tons of supporters of their own. But have you ever wonder how much power they can be once these two big industries team up?

Imagine your favorite singer or band collaborating with your favorite game, sound amazing? People would go crazy for that! Luckily, this idea isn’t just a fantasy anymore for gamers and music fans! Some actual singers and bands have collaborated with known online games. Wanna know more about them? Keep reading!

Here are some Musicians that have Collaborated with Online Games:

1. K/DA and League of Legends

Who doesn’t play the famous League of Legends? It’s one of the most played games all over the world. What about K/DA? Everyone loves them! They are the popular virtual pop stars. Furthermore, Riot’s League of Legends has been known for collaborating their games with musicians, they already collaborated with Imagine Dragon’s Warriors before and it took a huge hit! It’s not just K/DA, in K/DA’s song called the Baddest, they also collaborated with Jaira Burns and Madison Beer. In addition to the campaign, Riot Games just released a free music album for Twitch streamers. Check the video below.

2. Rockstar Games and CircoLoco

Dance music promoters CircoLoco and Rockstar Games, creators of some of the world’s sought-after video games, including Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption, have teamed up to forge a new record label called CircoLoco Records. Consequently, CircoLoco Records debuts an EP series with tracks from the label’s upcoming compilation album ‘Monday Dreamin’ and presents contributions from artists previously featured by CircoLoco, including re-releases from acts like Carl Craig, Luciano, Seth Troxler, Moodymann , Rampa, Sama ‘Abdulhadi, Lost Souls of Saturn and TOKiMONSTA, Red Axes and many more. Further EPs will release weekly in the lead-up to the full compilation’s release on July 9, 2021.

3. Rocket League and Monstercat

Rocket League is a video game that is very popular for its soccer game. This game was made by Psyonix and ever since it was released in 2015, it gained huge approval for many. But of course, Rocket League doesn’t want to end their game there. They also collaborated with certain musicians that could help them grow and market their game. They have collaborated with Monstercat, a Canadian electronic music record label. Monstercat has popular artists that are gaining attention from many. In fact, there is already a playlist in Spotify that’s called Rocket League x Monstercat

4. Marshmello, Bella Poarch and Fornite

Fortnite is a Battle Royale type of game that became famous for a lot of teenagers around the world. They also have a lot of game modes that could help players customize what they wanna play. Fortnite also decided to collaborate with musicians like the famous Marshmello. They said that it started when Marshmello was chosen to host the first in-game concert in 2019. This in-game concert hosted by Marmello brought 10 million viewers. Furthermore, this made Fortnite decide that collaborating with Marshmello is a good idea to spread their presence worldwide. Subsequently, Bella Poarch is just the latest online personality to team up with Epic Games, joining Marshmello, Ninja and other creators. Check out Bella Poarch’s new single Build a B*tch with an official Fortnite remade video.

5. Sony Music Japan with Anime and Games

Meanwhile, Sony Music Japan has renamed its YouTube channel lo-Fi chill beats as an electronic remix channel dedicated to anime and video game-themed tracks, filling a need in a genre-driven industry. Sakura Chill Beats is the first initiative of its sort, and it aims to bring together a huge number of well-known electronic dance music artists. In similarr fashion, the Japanese video game series Kingdom Hearts released an album of 161 tracks featuring Skrillex and Hikaru Utada’s Face My Fears.

Sounds exciting? Are you ready to hear their music as you play their game? Music and Games should be supported and hyped especially this time that we all need a little more art. The formation of these alliances between game publishers and record labels is a natural progression of the two industries.

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