Air Purifier Headphones Are Coming From Dyson

Dyson has unveiled a weird pair of headphones that combine noise-cancelling over-ear headphones with a pollution-fighting mask that filters the air you breathe to combat air pollution.

With the Dyson Zone, Dyson claims to have created the world’s first wearable purifier, which it says would collect city pollutants such as gas, allergens, and particulate matter while simultaneously reducing unwanted noise with advanced noise cancellation and pure, high-fidelity sound.

Dyson has not yet announced a release date or price for the Dyson Zone, but interested parties can sign up for updates on the Dyson website to be notified when they do.

Though, Dyson claims to have gone through 500 prototypes before arriving at the current design, which looks a lot like an oxygen mask from science fiction. Specifications have not been released, however. While it may appear to be a bit ostentatious in appearance, the Zone is packed with cutting-edge technological features.

According to the Dyson website, ANC is available on the Zone in three different configurations: normal, high, and low. When the user’s face is covered by the visor and the headphones are in use, isolation mode is enabled; however, when the visor is dropped, Conversation mode is activated, allowing the user to immediately engage in normal conversation with others.

The use of transparency mode allows important noises like as horns and sirens to bypass ANC, allowing the user to be more aware of their surroundings.

Dyson further says that the visor is designed to avoid contact with the user’s face when in use, and that it has a 2-stage filtration system as well as “Dyson’s first premium audio technology,” which produces immersive, high-quality sound in a compact package.

It is fitted with an accelerometer, which, according to Dyson, can automatically alter airflow based on the user’s current level of activity, and offers a variety of settings depending on your level of activity.

Check out the Dyson Zone promotional video below.

More information regarding these headphones may be found on Dyson’s official website.

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