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A Holepunch Design for the iPhone 14 Has Been Leaked

The iPhone 14 Pro renders shared on Twitter by popular leaker and concept designer @aaple_lab show a departure from the now-signature “notch” design and the signature square camera module.

There is a double hole punch on the front of the phone, which accommodates both the earpiece and the front-facing camera. This is an odd choice, given that Apple recently moved the earpiece up to the bezel in order to save space in the FaceID module on the iPhone 13 lineup, which was released in September. This raises the question of whether or not FaceID will be retained, and whether or not the legacy TouchID system will make a return. Moving to the back of the rendering, the single strip of cameras is a nod to the design of Google’s Pixel 6 smartphone line up, which was unveiled earlier this year.

It is important to note that early iPhone leaks should be treated with extreme caution due to the limited information available. Even @aaple_lab admits that he is unsure whether the iPhone 14 Pro will look like this when it is released in its final form. “We’ll see something similar, with some tweaks,” he claims he has been told, according to his account.

It’s clear that @aaple_lab is not a fan of the concept being discussed here. “I don’t approve this concept and I am not going to approve it, because it is clear that this concept is nonsense,” he said in a follow-up tweet.

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