Here’s a list of the most popular games that allow you to (potentially) earn cryptocurrency while you’re having fun online. Despite the fact that the NFT space continues to grow, the online gaming market is a grateful participant. More and more gaming projects are tokenizing their game assets, making them usable in-game and tradable as crypto-collectibles, which is a good thing for the industry.

Throughout this article, you will learn about popular non-traditional games that you can begin playing immediately.

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Players can earn (through gameplay), purchase, or sell game characters in Blankos Block Party, which is a vinyl-styled game. It has begun testing a marketplace where players can buy and sell their characters, which can be customized or decorated with various items earned through the game’s various modes of play. – EARLY ACCESS!

Mythical Games has raised $75 million to launch its Blankos Block Party open-world multiplayer game as well as its platform to create games with nonfungible tokens. Blankos was never intended to be a full game. It began as a technical demonstration, a way for Mythical developers to show off their NFT marketplace to potential corporate partners. Blankos is based on the principles of accessibility, ownership, and scarcity — it’s a free title in which players can create game worlds with no coding required, as well as collect, customize, and sell NFTs of characters and objects created by developers and major brands. The Blankos themselves are squashy, Funko-esque toys that reinforce the notion that they are collector’s items, despite the fact that they are entirely digital.

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For those of you who enjoy playing virtual reality games, Evolution Land is a game you will most likely enjoy.

There are several aspects to this cross-chain virtual business game, including the ability to buy and sell land, govern your space, cultivate crops, and construct buildings. It is possible to have 26 continents on different blockchains, each with its own cryptocurrency. Users can purchase land plots on these continents and farm them, as well as work on various construction projects or hire other users to mine elements from their land.

Apostles are the avatars that Evolution Land players use to communicate with one another. They can be purchased through auctions in the game using RING, the native utility token, and they can also be bred to produce rarer apostles. Its abilities, such as mining, healing, researching, and fighting, are determined by the genes and talents that each apostle possesses individually. Depending on their abilities, you can rent or sell your apostles to other users, or you can use your apostles to complete tasks.



Axie Infinity is a decentralized strategy game in which players collect, breed, and trade fantasy creatures known as Axies. Axies are a type of creature that can be bred and traded. Taking inspiration from popular games such as Pokemon, the game revolves around managing Axies and preparing them for battles against creatures known as Chimera *in a digital pet universe known as *Lunacia.

All Axies are non-combatants, and each one has four defining characteristics: health, morale, speed, and skill. These characteristics determine each Axie’s role in battles. You can breed your Axies with the help of Small Love Potions (SLP), which will increase your NFT base. SLP can be earned as a reward for winning battles, or it can be purchased on decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap for a small fee. The NFTs that are used can be sold in the in-app NFT market or on popular marketplaces such as OpenSea, just as they can be sold in the NFT market of other NFT games.

Axie Infinity made headlines last month when they announced that they had sold nine plots of land in their soon-to-be-launched virtual space for a total of $1.5 million. The Ethereum-based game attracts up to 5,000 new players per week, with weekly transaction volumes approaching $1.8 million.

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ChainZ Arena is a cross-blockchain idle mining RPG game that uses the Ethereum blockchain. It operates on three different blockchains: Tron, EOS, and Ethereum, giving players the option of using any of the three platforms. Players can also mine SOUL tokens while they are playing or when they are not playing. There are three blockchains where SOUL is available.

In the game, players must collect Heroes in order to battle Demons and Bosses in the legendary arena. Furthermore, you can equip your Heroes with items from the forge in order to raise their overall status and effectiveness. The game rewards players on a daily basis based on their position in the arena. Players can stake SOUL tokens in exchange for drops in EOS, TRX, or ETH, depending on their preference. During the course of the game, players will have the opportunity to trade their Heroes.




CryptoKitties is an Ethereum-based game with a straightforward premise: collect and breed digital cats. With these two tasks come other enjoyable activities such as solving puzzles and creating collections.

At the time of writing, there are over 50K generations of these cats, each with their own set of characteristics (called cattributes) based on the coding sequence. Prices vary by generation, with generation 0 being the earliest and most expensive. Users can also buy, sell, or breed these virtual kittens on the platform’s marketplace.

The NFT craze began with CryptoKitties in 2017, and based on their numbers, it is safe to say they will not be slowing down anytime soon. The platform continues to record up to $30K in daily transactions and over 800 new users each week.

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F1 Delta Time is a Formula One game in which players compete in racing tournaments using digital collectibles. Cars, trinkets, race tracks, drivers, and tires are among the collectibles. They are available in a variety of racing qualities and are minted in limited quantities.

There are also rarity tiers for the tradable collectibles. There are four types of items: common, epic, legendary, and apex, which can all be purchased with REVV, the native utility token. Tokens can be used in tournaments or sold on secondary NFT marketplaces to potentially profit.

F1 Delta time is doing a fantastic job of attracting Formula One fans to the NFT space. The platform sees more than $1 million in weekly trading volume and up to 1000 new users each week.

Gods Unchained



Gods Unchained is another blockchain game in which you can earn cryptocurrency by playing. Chris Clay, the former Game Director of Magic: The Gathering Arena, is in charge of the game. Players collect digital cards in this Ethereum-based game and use them to compete against other players.

To win games, players must be strategic in order to build a deck with a diverse range of tactics. When you win games in Ranked, you gain Flux, which you can use to craft high-quality cards. You can then exchange these high-quality cards for cryptocurrency on the platform’s marketplace.

Gods Unchained card sales average around $10,000 per day. The game was created by the Australian company Immutable.



Here’s a list of the most popular games that allow you to (potentially)

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