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‘Nona’s Game,’ a Filipino Game Gives the Social Deduction Games a Survival Twist

Nona’s Game, which includes tasks and minigames, has 12 players. After each round, players must agree on who should be eliminated before voting.

This is where the upcoming title Nona’s Game, which is being developed by Maccima Games out of the Philippines, comes into play. The developer’s most famous work is the simulation-strategy game known as Ruinarch. In this game, the player takes on the role of a demon overlord and invades randomly generated fantasy planets. Maccima Games is an independent video game development firm that was started by three people from the Philippines, spearheaded by
Marvin Apacible.

There are a total of twelve players who compete against each other in Nona’s Game, which consists of a variety of different tasks and minigames. After each round, the participants in the game will have to discuss and come to a consensus on which player should be eliminated from the competition before casting their votes. Other popular social deduction games, such as Among Us and Town of Salem, are very similar to this one but with a survival twist.

There are several locations dispersed over the in-game area that have the potential to bestow various benefits onto players. These may include the ability to have private conversations with other players, additional votes for elimination, and other perks. After then, the last challenge will be played when there are only three players still competing, and ultimately, only one of them will emerge victorious.

Players can take on a variety of roles within Nona’s Game, each of which comes with its own set of advantages. These include the Assassin, who has the ability to kill another player, the Saboteur, who has the ability to prevent one player from communicating with the other players, and the Priest, who has the ability to bless another player and prevent them from being killed.

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Maccima Games has not yet disclosed when Nona’s Game will be made available to the public; nevertheless, the developer keeps fans up to speed through the official Steam website for the game as well as on Twitter.