Metallica to Release Their Official Limited Edition Turntable this August 2022

There’s nothing like heavy metal to get the blood pounding. Austrian turntable company Pro-Ject Audio Systems agrees and has teamed up with the US metal gods to develop a Metallica Limited Edition Turntable.

Metallica, a heavy metal rock band from the 1980s, has been experiencing another revival as a result of their music being incorporated in the television show Stranger Things on Netflix. However, for true fans of the band, they never actually left, and they have continued to listen to and enjoy the band’s music during this time. For Metallica’s most devoted fans, any piece of memorabilia or accessory with the band’s name or logo on it will do. In addition, if you have the necessary funds, you will most likely be interested in purchasing a limited edition turntable with Metallica’s artwork.

The new deck, which was created at the request of the world’s most powerful metal band, features stunning visuals and the same high-quality audio that has come to be expected from Pro-Ject. The Metallica machine has been outfitted by Pro-Ject with legitimate audiophile technology. According to Pro-Ject, this is a “no compromise” partnership, which includes everything from a pen with a diamond tip to feet made of (heavy) metal.

The very first thing that catches your attention about the Metallica turntable is the light. The surface of the deck is treated by Pro-Ject with a metal contour that has been given a mirror finish. This creates reflections that are captivating to the eye and a shape-shifting brilliance that pairs nicely with the glass platter of the turntable. The large mass of glass contributes to an overall increase in the deck’s solidity, which results in playback speeds that are exact and precise. When it is not embracing vinyl, the glass finish ensures that the Pro-Ject Metallic images may be seen in their entirety.

This brand-new deck is intended to be simple to operate, but it also provides the option to make granular adjustments to many parameters. The turntable comes pre-adjusted and already equipped with the Pick it S2 C cartridge that is manufactured by Pro-Ject. Those who prefer to switch cartridges frequently will like the S-shaped tonearm’s detachable SME headshell, which makes cartridge swapping a breeze. Both the tracking force and the anti-skating are adjustable, allowing the user to make fine-tuned modifications in order to get the optimal level of performance.

Metallica Official Turntable

The high-mass glass platter not only adds a touch of class to the turntable, but it also gives it more weight. The entire structure is made of aluminum, which not only looks amazing but also helps improve tolerances throughout production. The addition of the sub-platter to the platter and drive system results in an overall increase in mass, which in turn leads to a reduction in noise and other unwelcome reverberations.

Metallica Official Turntable

The short-term speed stability, commonly referred to as “wow and flutter,” saw a significant improvement as a direct result of the extremely precise pulley and sub-platter. This was an important payoff. It is essential for a great-sounding vinyl system to have stability in all areas, which is why Pro-Ject designed the feet of the Metallica turntable to be height-adjustable and made of heavy-duty metal. This ensures that the turntable will remain level regardless of the surface that it is put on. The rotational speed of the turntable may be electronically adjusted via a toggle switch, which provides settings ranging from 33 to 45 RPM. In addition, there is a belt included for use in playing 78 RPM records.

Metallica Official Turntable

The price of the Pro-Ject Audio Systems Metallica Limited Edition Turntable is $1,599 / £1,149 / €1,299.00 £1,149, and it will be available beginning in August 2022.

If you are not a fan of Metallica, you may find the design inspired by ninja stars to be something cool to look at but devoid of any real significance. If you are familiar with the brand then you already know that this particular kind of turntable will be of a high-quality. But with a price tag of $1,599, it’s safe to assume that the only people who will be able to purchase this limited-edition item are die-hard Metallica fans who have the financial means to do so.

Check out the specs of Metallica’s Official Turntable below:
  • 8.6inch (22cm) S-shaped aluminum tonearm.
  • Gold-plated RCA connectors.
  • Handmade in Europe.
  • Heavy glass platter and aluminum sub-platter.
  • Heavy MDF plinth in unique Metallica design.
  • Height-adjustable metal feet.
  • Metal drive pulley.
  • Mirror finished metal top plate.
  • Pre-adjusted Pick it S2 C cartridge & SME headshell.
  • Precision belt drive with electronic speed control.
  • Premium semi-symmetrical phono cable with metal connectors.
  • Fully adjustable tracking force and anti-skating.

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